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The investment team

Composed of investment manager with a background in various industries. Has many years of work experience in the operation and management of enterprise management, strategic management, team building and other enterprises, have deep understanding of the industry.

The establishment of a separate financial / legal consultant team. Financial and legal advisers participated in the large enterprise integration, spin-off, strategic investment and other capital operation affairs. Has many years of large-scale enterprise group financial budget, operational control, M & A and IPO experience, familiar with the operation of Chinese enterprises.

Value-added service team

The company set up a special Company team, composed of many years of management experience and have the professional manager. On the base of absorbing and summarizing Siyuan years management experience, integration in the IT industry has rich cyber source, according to the individual needs of investee companies, providing positive value-added services in the governance structure, team building, human resource management, strategy and operation management, business support and financial services etc..



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